Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Audition

In middle school I was in a play called The Audition. It was a play about auditions for a play. Each kid reacted differently to the pressure of the director and stage manager. Some people actually react the way they do. They freak out, ramble, freeze, or they get overly confident. Then there are the kind that get in front of the judges and do fantastic.

Throughout my years I am the kind of auditioner that gets nervous, does an okay job, and leaves the room crying. Sad, I know. That's something I need to work on but that's for me for another day. Auditions are the most important days for a play other than the show days; it's the one time you get to show yourself off to get a role in the play.

The big actors and singers and dancers and other performers we see today went through auditions. They got nervous and got told "No." They carried on some how until they brought up their confidence and got that one role that was the kick off to their career. Obviously everyone has some type of "audition" they are interviews. They way we respond counts for everything.

Everyday is an audition if you think about it. We are trying to be accepted by all and show ourselves off to all to see. We get nervous, we cry, we ramble, and we feel the pressure but the way we react is what counts. We go through all of our days like this until we find God. We have no one to impress, we don't need everyone's acceptance. God loves us, but we should be the best we can be.

So all in all, be yourself because no one else can, and be the best you can. The only audition that counts is the one for the stage.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just A Thought

Yet again I'm here to talk about some perspective of performing. I could pick a dancer, a singer, an artist, or a show, but I think I will, I just want to talk about how I feel personally about performing. 

Many people perform because they love the applause and praise they get from it. Where did that talent come from though? Not everybody is meant to perform, we are blessed with the talent. Who blessed us? God did. In order to do our best we must turn the praise to Him and focus on Him. 

Every time I get on stage I ask God to calm my nerves and help me remember my directions and lines and notes if I'm singing. Not once have I ever slipped up when I do that; He is always there with me on stage. As I step down from the spotlight I praise Him and thank Him for the talents he gave me. He is the Creator, and He created me to perform. 

So here's a thought. Why not tell everyone that news? The news that our talents come from God and we should thank Him for them. Well, I tell people, but some don't. Here's me telling you: Praise and thank God for everything He gave you, especially your talents. 

That's my thought.