Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Christmas Carol

This year's winter play at the Mater's Academy is A Christmas Carol. Many have been awarded with a role and those in the cast have been rehearsing for weeks. They have been preparing to "wow" the crowd and advancing rapidly through the script.

A Christmas Carol is a story of a man, Scrooge, who has saved all his money and has become selfish because his father had been arrested due to not paying taxes. He has lost his family, his love, and his heart due to trying to avoid the poor and keeping to himself. On Christmas Eve he is visited by Marley's ghost; Marley had been his business partner years before. Marley prepares him to be visited by three ghosts. Throughout the night each ghost warns him to change his ways, the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present, and the Ghost of Christmas Future. By the end of the story, Scrooge transforms into a new man.

Performing this play will not be easy in December. Each actor must dig down deep to find emotions to push into their character. The guy who is Scrooge must find it in himself to be cold, the Ghosts must find a way to be enlightening, Mr. Fezziweg must pull out all joy within him to throw a ball! All of the actors must pull from their hearts and emotions to have energy and entertain the audience. Performing this play will not be easy, but it will be entertaining.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Walk the Moon

While browsing the internet a couple years ago I came across an indie rock band. After listening to their music I immediately rushed to iTunes and bought their newest album. No matter what my mood is, I can happily listen to the sounds of Walk the Moon. 

Their self titled album, Walk the Moon, has 11 songs to listen to while laying around or to enjoy with friends. They tour all over the country to have concerts to entertain their audiences. They have been together since 2008, but it was not a easy beginning.

Nicholas Petricca was the one who started this all. Unfortunately, he had to go through many people to finally find those he works with now. The current members, Kevin Ray, Sean Waugaman, and Eli Maiman, have been with him since 2010. Nicholas is the lead vocalist along with playing the keys, being the synthesizer, and is on the bass drums. Kevin is the other vocalist singing with Nicholas. Sean is on the drums and also sings with Eli who play the guitar.

This isn't just an ordinary band, they have a unique sound. No matter the song, the words and notes flow together and causes you to close your eyes and enjoy the moment that you are having right there. They are soothing and are not like other artists that are all about the now. They sing what they want whether it's what the public wants or not, but the audience ends up loving it.

Walk the Moon is definitely a band to listen to when have the time to listen to them. You'll want to buy their music as soon as you hear them and never want the songs to end. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dancing Dtrix

Years ago, while I was in middle school, I was introduced to a YouTuber. The guy named his page theDOMINICshow and referred to himself as Dtrix. It consisted of comedies and skits for everyone to enjoy, but he had also done more than become YouTube famous that way. He had won America's Best Dance Crew with his dance group, Quest Crew. Videos of their performances had been posted and now he performs solo occasionally. He is very widely know and looked up to by many.

Dance, is the physical portrayal of art. It has been around since the beginning of time for different purposes: ceremonies, rituals, celebrations and entertainment. All in all it was an expression of emotions with the use of the human body. Dance has been admired for years and the number of dancers continue to grow.

Obivously, the point is to say that Dtrix is an entertainer, but it goes farther than that. He enjoys displaying his emotions for all to see within a series of movements with his body. Many could imitate his dance, but none will ever have the passion in the same way he does. Every movement has a purpose, none are added blankly. The choreography is picked apart and chosen to tell a story.


Perhaps Dtrix isn't just admired for his good looks and good humor, maybe there is more. Some might appreciate his "artwork" and admire his works. We will always have people like him, performing an art of emotion, and therefore we will always have a beauty to enjoy on the stage.

Drix 2011, World of Dance:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Emotion of the Performing Arts

In this world there are many ways to express yourself but most lead to the same core. Singers, musicians, dancers, poets, actors, painters, artists, and more are all connected to the same central point. Songs, dances, poetry, movies and plays, and art pieces are all expressions of the human mind. Some people are open to letting others see their heart, but some of their feelings may be kept inside for their own meditation. These expressions all come out from one God given gift, the performing arts. Most tend to think that the nerds and losers in school are a part of the performing arts in some way or form. These people choose to express themselves differently and performing arts gives them a safe outlet.

Singers and musicians pour their hearts into the melodies and rhythms of the songs and sounds they produce. The slow tempo of a jazz song may be an ode to the loss of someone while the fast beats of a dub-step song may be the scream of excitement and anticipation to the rush of new experiences.

Dancers move their bodies to form into a portrayal of their minds and hearts at the moment. They are pieces of physical art in motion moving and expressing themselves as to how they're feeling.

Poets write the words of beauty and sorrow in structure as a plea from their hearts. Their works pull new emotions out of readers to bring a new feeling of sympathy or joy along with the work of their art.

The feelings inside of people are pulled out during shows bringing audiences to tears, laughter, anger, desperation, capturing the moment of what the character is feeling. Yes, for actors they are "pretending" to be someone they are not, but isn't there a bit of each character inside of us all? Those are not "fake" emotions, they are brought up by memories from childhood or recent years and portrayed in the scenes they are performing. They are pouring out there hearts within a mask, but they feel those emotions as we do.

 In the still art scenes, such as paintings, interpretations are left open for the public to perceive. The artist may have a different meaning than that of the viewer but they are still letting their feelings be known. No matter what form of the performing arts experienced, emotions and feelings are revealed, some "wear their hearts on their sleeves" while others have buried their feelings deep within.

The performing arts are for everyone to experience and use for their own disposal in a form of confession. The performing art products are not just for entertainment, they are for cries of hearts in all.