Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Emotion of the Performing Arts

In this world there are many ways to express yourself but most lead to the same core. Singers, musicians, dancers, poets, actors, painters, artists, and more are all connected to the same central point. Songs, dances, poetry, movies and plays, and art pieces are all expressions of the human mind. Some people are open to letting others see their heart, but some of their feelings may be kept inside for their own meditation. These expressions all come out from one God given gift, the performing arts. Most tend to think that the nerds and losers in school are a part of the performing arts in some way or form. These people choose to express themselves differently and performing arts gives them a safe outlet.

Singers and musicians pour their hearts into the melodies and rhythms of the songs and sounds they produce. The slow tempo of a jazz song may be an ode to the loss of someone while the fast beats of a dub-step song may be the scream of excitement and anticipation to the rush of new experiences.

Dancers move their bodies to form into a portrayal of their minds and hearts at the moment. They are pieces of physical art in motion moving and expressing themselves as to how they're feeling.

Poets write the words of beauty and sorrow in structure as a plea from their hearts. Their works pull new emotions out of readers to bring a new feeling of sympathy or joy along with the work of their art.

The feelings inside of people are pulled out during shows bringing audiences to tears, laughter, anger, desperation, capturing the moment of what the character is feeling. Yes, for actors they are "pretending" to be someone they are not, but isn't there a bit of each character inside of us all? Those are not "fake" emotions, they are brought up by memories from childhood or recent years and portrayed in the scenes they are performing. They are pouring out there hearts within a mask, but they feel those emotions as we do.

 In the still art scenes, such as paintings, interpretations are left open for the public to perceive. The artist may have a different meaning than that of the viewer but they are still letting their feelings be known. No matter what form of the performing arts experienced, emotions and feelings are revealed, some "wear their hearts on their sleeves" while others have buried their feelings deep within.

The performing arts are for everyone to experience and use for their own disposal in a form of confession. The performing art products are not just for entertainment, they are for cries of hearts in all.

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  1. Although I've never acted in theatre before, I'll have my first opportunity this December, and your quote captures what I think this will allow me to do: "They are pouring out there hearts within a mask, but they feel those emotions as we do." I'm very excited to connect with people in this way. Thanks for your writing, Madelene, please keep it up. Cheers!