Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dancing Dtrix

Years ago, while I was in middle school, I was introduced to a YouTuber. The guy named his page theDOMINICshow and referred to himself as Dtrix. It consisted of comedies and skits for everyone to enjoy, but he had also done more than become YouTube famous that way. He had won America's Best Dance Crew with his dance group, Quest Crew. Videos of their performances had been posted and now he performs solo occasionally. He is very widely know and looked up to by many.

Dance, is the physical portrayal of art. It has been around since the beginning of time for different purposes: ceremonies, rituals, celebrations and entertainment. All in all it was an expression of emotions with the use of the human body. Dance has been admired for years and the number of dancers continue to grow.

Obivously, the point is to say that Dtrix is an entertainer, but it goes farther than that. He enjoys displaying his emotions for all to see within a series of movements with his body. Many could imitate his dance, but none will ever have the passion in the same way he does. Every movement has a purpose, none are added blankly. The choreography is picked apart and chosen to tell a story.


Perhaps Dtrix isn't just admired for his good looks and good humor, maybe there is more. Some might appreciate his "artwork" and admire his works. We will always have people like him, performing an art of emotion, and therefore we will always have a beauty to enjoy on the stage.

Drix 2011, World of Dance:

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